Wrist Support Pads - With Memory Foam & Gel

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•  The ergonomic shape and the ideal height keep your wrist in a natural position rather than a twisted angle.
•  Non-slip textured background with natural rubber material to prevent slipping or unnecessary movements.
•  Memory foam structure, lightweight and durable comfortable, no deformation. Adopt soft, breathable materials to provide lasting support for your wrist.
•  The keyboard wrist pad and mouse wrist pad sizes are suitable for most computers or laptops. It is also helpful to avoid joint and wrist problems. Provide gentle support to relieve the pressure, fatigue, and pain of your wrist.
Product Specifications:
• Color: Black
• Keyboard wrist rest: 45.5cm x 8cm
• Small mouse wrist rest: 13.5cm x 7cm
• Large round mouse wrist rest: 25cm x 23cm